When We Last Met In Slumber

Olifaunt's fourth album is now available for free download at the usually suspicious places.

When We Last Met In Slumber is a little bit of both taking a step ahead as well as a step back for Olifaunt. The drones are the same, but the palette of instruments is slowly growing beyond the field recordings. That being said, one of the tracks (I'll let you guess which one) is essentially just one recorded sound with lots of stuff being done to it. It's fun!


Whither Facebook?

I had forgotten all about LJ....I wonder if anybody else has too.
If anyone is interested in hearing some experimental guitar drones, let me know. Olifaunt is going to start going in a slightly different direction after the upcoming release of the new album, "When We Last Met I Slumber."


Another Olifaunt Album?

The third album from Olifaunt is now available for free download.

Dance Gently, Spin Brightly This Summer Night[MCM003]

1) Dance Gently, Spin Brightly This Summer Night

2) The Bailout Of Jabez Stone(Or Webster's Folly)

3) A Light Flashed Off The Doorknob On The Shelf Above Her Desk

4) This Summer Night

Recorded Summer 2009

4 ambient/drone pieces using field recordings and organic sounds (and an organ in one).

At the Internet Archive


The Olifaunt page at
happy olifaunt!

Three Crows Becomes accident

I haven't written here in months! I don't know why not, probably Facebook, right? Anyways, a couple of things.

1) If you hadn't heard on FB, yes, I got hit by a car last week. I was riding my bike on the sidewalk on Old Milton and someone hit me while pulling out of the Alpharetta Crossings in front of Starbucks. The front tire rolled over both my legs and when the CRV stopped, the weight of the car had me pinned under it for 20 minutes until AFD could lift it off me. It sucked....and I mean that. Absolutely the most terrifying thing that ever happened to me. I was conscious the whole time and had to convince myself I was still alive. It's been five days and I still don't think it's caught up with me.

How many bones broke? None. Zip. I have no idea how. My right knee is very painful and I'm wearing a brace on it and I have abrasions all over me as well as a second degree burn on my left forearm from wear the radiator had me pinned. I was able to walk when I got home Wed night and can get around with a crutch well if enough, if very slow.

I'll be ok. The bike is a different story, but it will be easy enough to order a replacement when the time comes.

I was going to write about the new Olifaunt release, but that will wait until took me awhile to get the above out and I'm tired of writing.
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happy olifaunt!

Another Olifaunt Upload....

Just a quick note to say that I have uploaded the full version of "The Weight Of Your Memory" at the Internet Archive:

"The Weight Of Your Memory" is a 20 minute drone piece on acoustic guitar that was originally included on the Mz'umf compilation Birth and has been on my Myspace page as a 7 minute edit.

Hope you like!
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Olifaunt News

Sketches Of The Forest, Olifaunt's first collection (or "album") is now available for free download at the Internet Archive. Shifting tones, textures and dynamics to engross or to ignore, this is the direction taken by Olifaunt in it's first foray into ambient/ambient drone music. 5 songs, no waiting. Go get them!

PS: I need to brush up on my Public Release skills; might as well use that degree.
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happy olifaunt!

Rigel Kent News

A new Rigel Kent song is up for listening/downloading at and
It's called "The Redemption Two-step" and it's my very favorite by far: 95% came out like I wanted it to sound and the other 5% just fell into place, as opposed to the other way around. Give it a listen when you can, and if you like it. please, pass it it along!
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Thankful for the Disease.....

Odd title, huh? I'll come to it shortly.

I've seen a couple of other posts about others Thanksgivings and what they are thankful for. I thought I would toss mine in as well, a little late, but still....

First and foremost, I'm thankful for Brittany. She has been the one constant in my life for well over a decade now, and I could not imagine a better partner or friend than she. She has put up with my shit, my family, my music and illness with style and a strength I can only hope to emulate. I'm thankful she *gets* me: far more than I deserve.

I'm thankful for my friends, both old and new and near and far. And by extension (not to be glib) I'm thankful for Facebook. It has let me catch a glimpse of the lives of the people I otherwise might never have "talked" to again. Reflections of what we were and flashes of the future. There are a few people, just two or three I would love to talk to, to say "You were right. I understand now. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I should have been thinking how to keep you in my life in one way or another." Those are the few I suppose would never want to hear from me again. The ones that are in my life now I am very happy about. Thank you.

As the title of this post says, as odd as it sounds, I'm thankful for my disease. When I found out about the Diabetes I was rocked to my very core. The only thing I could think of was "My life as I know it is over." And I have never been so happy to be right about that. Since then, almost a year now, I've quit drinking, started cycling and lost near up to 40 lbs. To top that off I have been feeling *good* - about myself about everything. A spiritual awakening may be going to far, but that's close to what I feel. I've been more productive in my music, which had stagnated as much as the rest of me. I began planning things farther then when I was going to get my next case of beer. Would I like not to have the Diabetes at all? You're fucking right, I would. But I am thankful I found out about it in time to do something about it, young enough to know there's almost a whole life time ahead to enjoy myself with out trying to kill myself. So that's why I am Thankful for my Disease.

Thanks for hanging through this long. I hope everybody had a happy Thanks giving as well.

PS: I'm also thankful for Porcupine Tree and Rush.
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Catching up....

Well, some quick news to what is going on.

Rigel Kent news: I've finished a song called "450mgs", which I had a blast making. I've had some very good reactions to it so far and that feels good. I still cringe when I hear my voice, but if other people can stand it, well then I can. One thing I've noticed is that my singing range has big surprise after almost 20 years of unuse. I used to get headaches after gigs with Off The World (it sounded good at the time, and now I realize that it was a good thing that my suggestion, Jerusalem's Boogie, was voted down) but I used to smoke a pack a day+ and had no sense of discipline. I guess this is a bit vibrato is still there, at least.

Olifaunt: I finished the collection (or "album") I call "Three Crows Become Four". 55 minutes of droney fun and goodness split into 4 pieces. This I'm proud of and I'm looking for a label who might find it works for them. I've already started on another project for this....less noise and more melody-like suggestions, but to keep with the Olifaunt idea still somewhat long-form and ambient.
If any one would like to hear the entire "album" let me know and I'll tell you where it can be downloaded.

And finally Bicycling: It's Cold. I've not ridden in the cold for awhile. So I need to learn to ride in the cold again, otherwise I'll have to get on the exercise bike and that is soooooo boring. But I need to keep up the exertion somehow...

More later!